A redditor asked the following question a few weeks back. I quote and rephrase in square brackets

People over 35 earning less than 4k, do you ever see yourself earning more than that?

If [not for] food delivery or [private hire vehicles (PHVs)], where else can below average folks like us with no IQ, intelligence, [network] or social skills earn this kind of money in our lifetimes?

reddit user GardensByBombay

He wasn’t trolling but I felt like I couldn’t help him. I earn a salary well above the $4K figure; answering him will either end up coming off as condescending or being totally off tangent to the considerations and difficulties that he faces.

Today, I feel an inspiration to write about it, not from my own experience, but through that of my stepfather’s. Full details are hidden to maintain my anonymity.

(Background 1) Dad was his own boss