Two years ago, my dad was laid off from his job at an investment firm in a rather unceremonious fashion.

My dad, who never troubled us with anything, naturally kept mum about the news. It was not until the inevitable happened- when he’d pack his belongings in a small, cardboard box, that he told the family about his retrenchment.

Retrenchment is a painful and personal process for the employee, especially on an emotional and psychological front.

While Singapore’s retrenchment numbers in recent years remain relatively low, looming recession, as well as high-profile retrenchment cases are unsettling. Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) recently laid off 5% of its staff, and travel retailer DFS Group has retrenched 60 of its workers.


While layoffs are part and parcel of businesses, not all firms let workers go with dignity.

TODAY reported how travel retailer DFS Group told workers on the