ValueChampion’s student interview series aims to share the experiences of top university students in order to help prospective students better understand what obtaining a degree really entails.

Lim Yee Xien is an Economics & Finance student pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the Singapore Management University (SMU). In the future, Ms. Lim would be interested in pursuing a career with a positive impact. Not only that, she hopes to continue her successful career in shooting for the Singapore National Team.

What influenced you to pursue your degree? What excites you intellectually?

I studied H2 Economics in junior college for my A-Levels, and have been interested in the subject since. I liked how logical economic analysis is and it is exciting to see how it plays out in the real world.

Did you consider any other schools? If so, why did you ultimately choose SMU?

Yes, I considered NUS and NTU, as