Does paying more get your child a better education when it comes to choosing between preschools? What are the differences between childcare centres, anchor operators and partner operators? Is a SPARKS certification necessary? Use this guide to help you navigate Singapore’s preschool scene!

TABLE OF CONTENTS: ·      What to look out for when you go for a school tour ·      PCF Sparkletots vs. My First Skool vs. Star Learners vs. Carpe Diem vs. Agape Little University ·      What I learnt from visiting 10 preschools ·      Review of My First Skool ·      How to qualify for subsidies if you’re self-employed ——————————————
Nate will be turning 18 months next year, which means it’ll soon be time for him to go to (pre)school. Given the importance of setting a strong foundation during his developmental years, I embarked on 3 months of research and visited over 10 schools to identify what would be best for my child. 
Here’s a quick overview