Across the entire economy, every company is trying to leverage technology in some way to expand their business. Therefore, technology has become an important factor in promoting efficiency and economic growth. In addition to the emergence of e-commerce and fintech companies in Singapore, there has been a recent emergence of proptech (or real estate technology) firms. One such technology-based platform, Ohmyhome, was launched to provide one-stop, do-it-yourself property services directed at buyers and sellers of HDB and private properties. Established in 2016, the platform has been offering free online property services that bypass the traditional approach of engaging property agents who typically command a 1-2% commission fee. Ohmyhome has already facilitated a total of 4,500 online and offline transactions in the past two and a half years. So, do firms like Ohmyhome offer potential savings to consumers?

The DIY PropTech Marketplace

Ohmyhome is a platform that intelligently combines the tech-savviness