Many companies have found their traditional businesses disrupted by technology, such as retail, newspapers, taxis, telcos, etc.

SingPost is no exception, as there is less and less mail as more and more companies and people switch to emails, e-statements, online downloads, etc.

Nevertheless, at the same time, technology disruptions to brick-and-mortar retail shops have led to a rise in e-Commerce, with more people shopping online and getting their parcels delivered to their doorsteps.

This has somewhat saved SingPost from being relegated to the sidelines, as SingPost is also in the business of parcel delivery.

Yet, there are many established and start-up logistics companies vying for a piece of the growing parcel delivery business. Can SingPost hold up against the intense competition?

Before we delve deeper into the analysis, it is essential to understand there are important differences between mail delivery and parcel delivery. Knowing the differences help us to understand