The last time all these value factors didn’t work so well, for such a long time is in the 1920s.

That is a long time.

Our brains would probably reason that there are similarities today to the time back then. When there are periods of extreme financial upheavals, the value factor does not seem to work so well. (When we say extreme it is this kind of financial meltdown, not your typical 20-30% market drawdowns)

Looking back, the value factors came back. As an investor having a 30 years horizon, you would have enough time to benefit from it.

There is also another dislocation.

The investors living through these past 10 years will form the opinion that the only place to be is in United States stocks. And they are not wrong.

Their experience with the market is that U.S Stocks Trounced all others (that is not true. There are