The Seedly Team went to Johor Bahru last weekend, where we hired a Lok Lok van and ate close to 1,000 sticks of deep-fried mushrooms, bacon, meatballs, and man tous. While most of us shop for a variety of cakes, tau sa pia, and Eureka popcorns to bring home during the trip, our content strategist Sudhan was out on a different mission.

With a large, field-pack bag in tow, Sudhan piled his bag to the brim with baby food and snacks. Before this, he was considering bringing a huge suitcase in tow, to buy diapers for his cute 7 month-old baby boy.

Source: Giphy

To him, it was worth making the trip across the causeway, as it means saving a few bucks on expensive baby products.

Yet, is the effort worth it? How much do you actually save by doing so?

I decided to compare the prices of diapers, baby food, snacks,