It’s the stuff of a dystopian yet not-so-distant future: citizens score each other in an app based on daily interactions — and, bred by an atmosphere of false relationships and distrust, things inevitably go awry.

If you’ve watched Black Mirror, you might have drawn a parallel between this scenario and Nosedive, a dark satire episode that’s loosely based off China’s social credit system.

Source: tenor

The lower your score, the more likely you’ll be ostracised — therein affecting how others perceive you. Yep, it’s a slippery slope of no return.

Is A Social Credit System Inevitable?

The contentious idea of a social credit scoring system has been debated extensively.

That’s because it at once seems mind-boggling, painfully intrusive and, depending on how you look at it, unpalatable.

But what if it were the way of the future in Singapore?

The question, then, isn’t so much about whether a social