Hai Di Lao has been a popular spot for many, especially amongst the Millenials. Yet, with its hidden costs and relatively steep prices, a meal at Hai Di Lao isn’t exactly what you would call cheap.

There are, however, tips and tricks to maximise your experience at Hai Di Lao, for you to get your money’s worth!

Hai Di Lao Hotpot Prices Source: Hai Di Lao Singapore

Below is a breakdown of the average cost per meal at Hai Di Lao, and the hidden costs you should take note of.

  Price Soup Base $14-$16 (1 soup base)
$18-$20++(2-4 soup base) Dipping Condiments $4/pax Tea (refillable) $3/pax Meats ~$15-$20/plate Vegetables, Tofu, Meatballs, Flour Cakes ~$10 for half portions. Estimated Overall Cost $45-55/pax

At $45-$50 per pax, eating at Hai Di Lao is expensive. So to maximise your time and money spent at Hai Di Lao, here are some freebies