As a kid, my weekly Friday routine was a trip to Macdonald’s. I loved it!

I still remember the happy meal with hot fries, crispy chicken McNuggets, ice-cold coke, and a surprise toy inside. I remember the yellow & red theme, the clown Ronald Macdonald, and many choices or burgers I could select.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, that I was an unwilling member of my primary school’s Trim And Fit Club (TAF Club).

Being in my 30s now, I tend to go Macdonald’s (a lot) less.

I think there was a season, where I didn’t visit the fast-food chain for years until an interesting documentary caught my attention.

It was called “Super-size me” and follows a 30-day period during which the filmmaker ate only McDonald’s food. He gained about 11kg by the end of the 30 days, telling the world something everyone already knows: “Fast food is bad