We all know that the stock market moves in cycles. What goes up has to come down and what comes down, has to go up. 

According to data from the National Bureau of Economic Research, an American private non-profit research outfit, the average duration of a full market cycle (from peak to trough to peak) from 1854 to 2009 was once every approximately five years. During that period, there were 33 such market cycles. 

From 1945 to 2009, there were 11 boom-and-bust cycles, which averages to one every roughly six years. 

You may know where I’m leading to. 

June 2009 marked the end of the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) that started in December 2007. From the 2009 recovery till now, there hasn’t been a major crash; we’ve only seen small dips here and there. 

Therefore, is it ripe for a stock market crash? 

That’s precisely the question one of my