p.s. This past month has been busy for me, I was away on a business trip (my first!) and I did some buy/sell for my portfolio which I will post in a separate post.

Something happened today and I’m still feeling pretty stunned from it.

I’m a trained First Aider… That hasn’t been called into action until today.

I panicked. There was nothing much I can do.

This was the only other time besides my dad’s cancer that I truly felt death’s sting was close by.

There was no visible wounds on the casualty (so it’s probably internal). Luckily there were others around to help so I wasn’t alone.

It would be good to keep calm.

It would be good to keep the casualty conscious as long as possible until help (ambulance & paramedics) arrive.

It would be good to find out vital information about the patient if possible: (Any recent medication, any existing condition, describe what happen