The AIA Power Critical Cover offers you possibly the highest number of conditions right now with 175 conditions.

**Right now till 15Dec2019, you get a 30% off first year premiums!**

4/5 experience a lifetime of chronic health condition even after a CI recovery.

You get coverage for 150 multi-stage CI conditions (42 early CI + 35 Intermediate CI + 73 major CI), 10 conditions under the Pre-Early Benefit and 15 special conditions.

AIA Power Critical Cover Value Plan (till age75) vs Life Plan (till age100)

There are 2 designs of the plan.

First is the Power Critical Cover Value plan which is a term plan till age75. No cash value.

On the other hand, Life plan is a coverage till age 100 and has a surrender value of 75% of sum assured and more from age75 onwards. It matures at age 100 where you get 100% of your sum assured.

#Note: maturity of 100% is on sum assured