One of the most enjoyable things you can do on earth is to be in a bamboo garden.

The beauty of a bamboo garden enthralls the senses. It isn’t just the greenery that is serene, but the mathematical, node-like structure of the plant is aesthetically pleasant to the eyes. The mild rustling of leaves as the gentle breeze blows by is simply therapeutic, adding to the tranquility that you experience.

It’s no wonder that bamboo gardens are popular. The famous Arashiyama grove in Kyoto, Japan, attracts thousands of tourists every year. I was fortunate enough to walk through it in the early hours of a chilly winter day two years ago.

In East Asian culture, the bamboo plant is seen as a symbol of harmony and resilience.

It is incredibly strong – bamboo can survive turbulent storms unlike most other plants. Its entire structure above ground sways with the