Playmates imply it is a toy company, but from the looks of it, it seems more like a real estate company.
November 15, 2019


Toys are an integral part of everyone’s life, as most people will remember a part of their childhood that was dominated by toys. Toys provided an avenue for active play and make-believe, and continue to be loved by both kids and adults. The major toy companies in the world have been producing and entertaining millions of kids with popular brands of toys for decades. In Hong Kong, there are two toy companies that supply toys to major department stores and that have recognisable brand franchises. Let’s focus on one of these companies today.

Playmates Holdings Limited (SEHK: 0635) is an investment holding company that has three major divisions: property investments, portfolio investments and toys. The group’s major property investments include a commercial building called “The Toy House” located at 100 Canton Road in Hong Kong, a couple of residential units at Hillview, 21-23A MacDonnell Road, as well as the Playmates Toy Factory at