I will be conducting a live training session on constructing a portfolio of dividend income stocks to generate passive income this Tuesday @ 8:30pm.

Constructing a Portfolio of Dividend Stocks Event Details: Tuesday, 8:30PM (3rd December 2019)

In this live training session on Tuesday, I will be covering:

The Case for Dividend Income Stocks

I will build the case for dividend paying stocks based on their historical performance and also demonstrate how dividends leads to outsized returns through compounding.

The 3 Rules for Picking Winning Dividend Stocks

I will discuss 3 simple rules that you can use to pick winning stocks by focusing on the right financial ratios and more that will help deliver outsized returns.

I will also cover how you can avoid stock that are “value-traps” based on both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

The Biggest (and Most Common) Mistake That Investors Make When Finding Dividend Stocks

I will talking about the