When I walk around malls, I’ll see the nice pretty things.

I look at nice watches, nice bags, nice clothes, cars, nice Gundam model figurines, etc… Hey… I can appreciate them one k… it’s not like I walk past a shop and think… “woah so ugly.”

I acknowledge they are nice. But I don’t want them. I have no desire to own it. ​

Hey, being frugal doesn’t mean cannot like to look at nice things and cannot appreciate a well made product right.
And that’s what baffles me. Why do people need to own something?
I know guys who see nice watches and nice cars and want to buy it.
Or ladies who look at nice dresses or bags, or other stuff and want to buy it.

Off the top of my mind, I can think of 3 reasons. There are probably other reasons which I’m not aware of, cos… well I don’t have such a mentality