I arrived at age 45 a little sad as it is my first birthday without my dad being around.

It feels a little strange to think that I managed to reach the mid-point of my 40s. That means that my first CPF payout is expected within 10 years. This also means that a voluntary contribution to CPF would make a whole lot more sense than buying a 10 year bond as 2.5% is nothing to laugh at.

Instead of making resolutions, 2020 should be about creating new systems :

a) Some personal hobbies can make a come-back in 2020

There is just too many leisurely things to do these days. This holiday season alone, there is the Witcher and Mandalorian to watch. Rick and Morty also makes a comeback. There are too many shows trying to compete for you attention.

The best I can hope for is some form of RPG gaming in 2020 that