I originally wanted to write about how the DBS Multiplier revision of terms with effect from 1 Feb 2020 will affect my wife. Then I saw a number of financial bloggers have written and analysed this in detail so I didn’t see a point in doing so anymore. But I might just summarise the impact on her DBS Multiplier bank account here.

My wife’s salary crediting will qualify under the Income category. Her POSB Everyday credit card spending still qualifies under the Credit Card Spending category. Her new POSB Invest-Saver into Nikko AM REIT ETF (SGX:CFA) back in Nov 2019 qualifies for the Investment category only until Oct 2020.

Which means from Nov 2020 onwards, the higher interest will only apply on my wife’s DBS Multiplier bank account balance up to S$25,000 (not S$50,000 anymore). It seems like this is the only action point for us and we just need to remember to do it later in the year.