Checking out the open houses before getting your results on 13 Jan 2020?

I think I still remember how it felt sitting in my secondary school hall with all of my schoolmates, anxiously waiting for our turn to collect our GCE ‘O’ Level result.

Source: CNABoy, it was nerve-racking…

It’s worse if you’ve already shortlisted a few polytechnic courses in mind and you know the cut-off points you’ll need to meet.

Sorry if this made you feel worse!

But let’s take a look at how much your dream polytechnic course will cost you and how you can finance your studies!

TL;DR – How Can I Finance My Polytechnic Programme?

Did you know, regardless of the polytechnic and course you choose, your subsidised annual tuition fee will be $2,900?

The only difference is that the five polytechnics have their own supplementary fees, which differs slightly.

Supplementary Fees