I watch YouTube a lot.
It’s my main activity for the day. I watch about investments, other people, other cultures, other lifestyles, etc…

And I chanced upon this very simple vlog.
About this guy who moved to Thailand from US.
And he says it very simply.
And I think it’s useful for us to learn

As I clear my mind from clutter, I also realize I have less to write about.
What’s been said has been said. Some people will learn. Others won’t.
I’ve tried talking to people about their lives and lifestyles and choices.
I’ve learnt that many people will just do what they want.
And whatever I think, post, whatever… won’t make much difference to them.

It’s the idea of… the people who are in trouble… usually can’t get themselves out and will stay there, with or without aid.
Then there are people who are in trouble, then with the right mentality, they can