Before buying a property, it is important to budget

This sharing will shed light on how mortgage affordability is calculated for you in 2020!

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I once calculated on OWNING A $5M property in Singapore…

This was a peculiar blog because I preach financial prudence.

Often it is about budgeting and living within financial means. 

The post HOW TO OWN A $5M property was first created on Oct2018 but it was to STRETCH THE IMAGINATION!

Basically, with a $24,000/m combined income, you’d STILL NEED $2.5m in capital for the purchase!

Super BIG AMOUNTS! Maybe a TOTO win is needed on top of above average income.

An alternative to buy a $5m property is HIGH INCOME OF $30,000/m income with $1.5m in capital.

Think this is a more common permutation.