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” And if all else fails, you can always sign on.”

Singaporeans frequently joked about signing on as a backup plan for someone’s career.

The option to sign on is readily available for certain industries such as defence and security due to our lack of manpower.

Since National Service (NS) is a statutory requirement for all male Singaporeans, putting that signature onto the sign-on contract can be an immediate way to secure your career.

In this article, we look at the starting salary and sign-on benefits for signing on with the Singapore Armed Forces. Hopefully, it helps Singaporeans make a smarter financial decision for their career (taking the passion out of the equation for this one).

TL;DR – Salary and sign-on benefits with the Singapore Armed Forces Singapore Army Republic of Singapore Air Force
(RSAF) Singapore Navy  Officers Starting SalaryOfficers Starting SalaryOfficers Starting Salary– Officer Cadet$1,990 – $2,420Pilot,