Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust

In the previous article on Mapletree North Asia Commerical Trust (MNACT), we talked provided an overview of its business operations and it property overview.

In this article, we are going to focus specifically on the events that transpired in November and whether MNACT is attractive at today’s valuation.

As readers will know, Hong Kong has been rocked by months of unrest. There was hardly a week without seeing headlines of tear gas being fired and violent protests breaking out across Hong Kong.

Violence hit the mall in November when radicals broke damaged the mall. Notably, a petrol bomb was hurled at its signature Christmas Tree that went up in flames.

This vandalism ultimately forced it to close on November 13.

Impact on Maple Tree North Asia Commerical Trust

As mentioned in my previous article, Festival Walk unfortunately makes up the bulk of MNACT’s total portfolio