In the next few days, our youngest son will turn three years old.

That would conclude that both my wife and I had 6 years of parenting experience since the start of the newly “disrupted” born era in our family.
This comes at a frightening blistering pace given it feels like it was only yesterday that he was a newborn baby, learning to crawl and unable to mumble and utter a single word out of his mouth.
Some days felt incredibly long, especially when we have to continuously change his diapers, fed him through the rigorous lunch and dinner hours and also having to deal with occasional illness such as flu ad fever.

Crazily lots of money have been spent on baby wipes, diapers, helpers, milk powders, books, schools, extra curriculum and entertainment and those are monies that will send us straight to FI had we chose not to have them.

Both my wife and