After a long hiatus, this is probably going to be a short, but I’m pretty sure, a very much impactful post.

Some time ago, I wrote a post about a friend, and that post has been viewed umpteen times (like literally tens of thousands!):

Lessons From A Super Investor – A Personal Friend Of TTI

More recently, I wrote about Mr Chua restarting his fund:

TTI’s Portfolio Updates – End July 2019 + The Thanos Of Global Macro Funds Is Coming Back!

Well, today’s post is a recruitment exercise for any talented, smart traders out there who would like a shot at the big game.


Asia Genesis Asset Management has just incorporated in end 2019, and is currently in the midst of setting up the Asia Genesis Macro Fund in Cayman.

Mr Chua Soon Hock has hence, started interviewing and recruiting talented Singaporean traders for the