Mahjong: Singaporean’s Favourite Pastime

Way before Crazy Rich Asians made the game of Mahjong famous by slotting it into the most important scene in the movie, some of us Singaporeans are already killing it in our self-directed “God of Gamblers” series.


Week in week out, we fully utilise the “healing power of mahjong” and how it treats senile as an excuse to gather with our friends or family members over a game on mahjong.

Mahjong is good, they say. It treats senile, they say.

That was before I lost all my taxi money and end up walking home.

With that, we compiled a Mahjong guide and find out the probability of some of these winning hands:

The Probability of Seeing These Mahjong Winning Hands Mahjong Guide For Singaporeans: Scoring Further Reading on the Probability of These Mahjong Winning Hand How To Play Mahjong How To Win