Dearest Readers & Friends,

You might not know this, but I actually spent the majority of my early life in HDB flats.

Looking back now, I vaguely remember my early days in a cozy little 3-bedroom unit along the ever so nostalgic Bedok South Road.

We weren’t the richest by any stretch.

In fact, our little 4th floored unit was a 2nd resale unit that my parents had snapped up upon news of my impending arrival (I simply couldn’t wait to get out and start typing at that point).

Getting an Early (Annoying) Start

It was also just opposite grandma’s place, so the move made sense.

I remember growing up there.

Learning to tie my shoelaces, staggering around the house in my incredibly oversized ‘astronaut t-shirt’ … and of course, sitting at the dining table for hours pouring over random Chinese characters (boy I really hated that one).