Breakups suck.

But you know what’s worse?

Breaking up when you and your partner have already balloted for a BTO flat.

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While I’ve shared my experience with regard to the nuances of getting your BTO, as well as the joys of owning your own home.

I’ve also seen plenty of couples who’ve never seen it through.

So before you pop the question and ask “Ai BTO mai?” (Hokkien: Wanna BTO not?).

Did you know that you could lose anything from $10 to more than $77,000?

Note: the numbers and figures quoted in this article will be based a 4-room BTO HDB flat from the Tengah November 2019 BTO Sales Launch

TL;DR: What Will I Lose If I Break-Up After I BTO?

Using 4-room BTO HDB flat price (starts from $302,000) during the Tengah November 2019 BTO Sales Launch

Here’s how much you’ll