Saving money and building wealth may be one of our top priorities, but do we get too obsessed sometimes?

This may be an old question, but it’s definitely still relevant…

Saving money is definitely important, but it’s also crucial that we’re saving money wisely!

Maybe you won’t save money just for the sake of saving, but always remember to check back and evaluate your financial goals!


The Single Mistake everyone makes in their 20s trying to build wealth

When it comes to wealth accumulation, a lot of Singaporeans spend way too much time on the wrong things – they are obsessed with the small stuff, instead of the big wins.

At the risk of offending other personal finance enthusiasts, we’re going to say the biggest mistake is being Penny-Wise, Pound Foolish. 

Hang On, We’re Not Saying The Small Stuff Is Not Important

Look, we’re big on saving money.