When investing in new projects, it is easy to be wowed by the beautiful showrooms with themed interior designs and designer furniture.

After all, there is never an ugly showflat when millions have been poured into them.

When attending a project preview for the 1st time, it can be overwhelming to juggle the multiple assault on the senses with the hyped up crowd, elevated noise levels and adrenaline-filled showroom.

With conditions like this, it is important to arm yourself with a checklist and ample space to think before narrowing down on a choice of unit.

Despite the oft-used (But sometimes true) sales pitch: “Someone is also looking at the unit and you got to hurry..”, there’s no shame or loss taking time to make better-weighed decisions.

“Better an opportunity loss with cash in hand, than a rushed decision and long term regret.”

If you have never bought a new launch property, you may not know what exactly to look out for.