1. Personal Accident Coverage (non-optional)
  2. Hospitalisation Plan (non-optional)
  3. Critical Illness (non-optional)
  4. Life Insurance (Optional for those without aging parents or children or a family or dependents, non-optional for those who have dependents)
  5. Disability Income
  6. 6 months – 1 Year of Expenses@150% in savings
  7. Yearly Comprehensive Health Check-Ups
  8. Some useful links for comparisons

These are the 8 things I think all successful long term investing is built on. Foundations bloody matter. No one builds an impregnable castle on god damned sand. Get this shit right or you’ll be eating a lot of pain later for no good reason.

Note I’m not a financial advisor – this merely represents what I think is optimal. Your needs may be different, so check. Do the homework. Don’t shove everything to your advisor and expect him/her to just help you sort your life out.

#1 – Personal AccidentAccidental Loss of Limb (non-optional, must get)

Back in December 19′, I had a nasty fall that resulted in severe joint pains and some sprains and bruises.