Valentine’s Day is coming, and if you haven’t gotten a gift for your partner, we’ve got some suggestions for you!

Now, we all know that giving a bouquet of flowers can be both a cliche and impractical feat. With that in mind, we’ve decided to come up with meaningful gift alternatives that you can consider.

From cute local food accessories to handmade earrings and tumblers from local artists, we scoured the internet to find some of the best handcrafted gifts made by Singaporeans, that will make a meaningful gift for your Valentine.

TL;DR: Meaningful Gifts For Valentine’s Day Below $30

1. ChirashiBomb- Stickers from $1, Badges from $3.50, Totebags from $22

Source: @chirashibomb | Instagram

For the stationery fans, Chirashibomb does local art pop-ups across Singapore, selling cute Japanese inspired stickers, badges, and tote bags. With an online Instagram shop set up, you can browse through the