Have you heard of ‘Children laugh 300 to 400 times a day, and adults only 17.5’ ?
While this may be just another urban myth, it is no news that children indeed laugh much more often than adults do.
That’s kind of sad.
But who would choose not to laugh?
I love laughing and being happy, and being happy makes me happier.
On the other hand, it’s sad to be angry and sad, and that fact makes me more angry and sad.
Am I still making sense?
But who enjoys being unhappy anyway?
Throughout the journey of adulting, we may be overwhelmed by stress, fatigue, responsibilities, peer pressure, grieve, conflicts, fear, guilt, anxiety, frustration or just the fact that the world isn’t a perfect place.
These not-so-nice things eventually wipe off the smile off our faces every now and then.
And if you are not careful, you may grow into a grumpy complain king/ queen bitching about life, society and