It’s always interesting to see where my money goes every day – from food and transport to even lifestyle apps like Spotify and Netflix.

Previously I shared how much monthly expenditure looked like – and the graph below shows an updated view almost a year later.

My monthly expenses – Jan 2019 to Feb 2020

As you can already tell visually, my expenses have been rather steady around the $1K mark, and sometimes it goes up very high if I spend lavishly on certain special buys like a brand new Apple Watch or on a spanking new 4K TV. These items are categorised as ‘Loves’.

Since I started my new job in a startup last week, I realised that I could save even more money! Thanks to twice-weekly company lunches and cheaper food compared to the CBD.

Typical Weekly Expenditure

On food items: I eat out quite often because nobody cooks at home, and it’s quite troublesome to