Recently, my mother has been a huge worrywart.

On top of the underlying current of anxiety due to the  COVID-19 virus, my mum’s latest worry involves her getting a job.

Source: Giphy

You see, she has been out of the workforce for close to 5 years. At a ripe age 60,  coupled with a 20-year employment history of working in a family-ran business, she is not in an ideal position to re-enter the workforce.

Yet, instead of enjoying her retirement, she worries that her savings isn’t enough to tide her through retirement.

She is also unsure of what the CPF scheme entails and has obviously never heard of the CPF LIFE scheme.

So I took it on myself to find out what CPF LIFE is about, and how much exactly, will we be getting in monthly payouts when we hit 65. Hopefully, it’ll give my mother a peace