This came out of nowhere – Citi is entering the unconditional cashback card space with a 1.6% cashback card. “Unconditional” is a term I use to refer to cards that virtually have no requirements, earn on almost any transaction, and have no minimum spends nor maximum limits.

For people who simply do not wish to spend the time and effort (and my friends would know that I do, a lot) to micromanage their spending but still want some rewards, unconditional cards are fuss-free. This is what makes them attractive to some people, and of course, an eye-watering $350 PayNow reward does not hurt.

Features & Details ProviderCitibankTypeCashbackEarn Rate1.6%ConditionsPretty standard set of exclusions credit cards haveLimitsNo limitApplyClick hereHow does it fare on the Tier List? CashbackMilesWinnerA+10%8 mpdDrawA8%–CashbackA-5%4 mpdDrawB3%3 mpdMilesC2%2 mpdMilesD1.5%1.2 to 1.5 mpdMiles

(Based on cards before 12th Feb)

Unconditional cards are usually a last-resort thing, which is why