If you’re invested, you’ve probably experienced this once or twice.

It’s 2am, you wake up with a jolt, reach for your phone and blearily open sleepy eyes now stung by the sharp blue light to look at your stock prices (if you invest in US, markets open at 10.30pm Singapore time, varies depending on daylight savings).

If you invest in Singapore, this same phenomenon is likely to happen when you go to the loo or when you’re at lunch with colleagues and when you should really be talking to them not staring at your stocks hoping the magical power of your eyeballs make the share price go up.

I call this the “Bad Approach to Investing” Syndrome.

In either of the above cases, investors feel ill at ease and uncomfortable with the stocks they pick. There might be some lingering doubt. Some unknown fear. Some random thing they feel they might have missed out on.