This article is inspired by SimplyJesMe’s recent article on how motherhood has changed her perception for travelling. It resonates a lot with me. Like her, I have a travelling job. Unlike her, I’m still in the travelling job. Unlike her, after having my first child, I am weary of my travelling job, but yet stuck my head in it, and had my second and third child while still in the travelling job.  Unlike her, I do not have the courage to quit my 9 – 5 to start a business. Go read her blog or support her business, she’s an inspiration! (This is NOT a sponsored post. I don’t know Jes, and Jes didn’t even know I wrote about her.)

I’m not travelling now. Simply because I am having my 16 weeks of maternity leave, currently. However, my 16 weeks are going to be up soon (in just a few weeks’