Singapore’s sole stock exchange has evolved over the years into a multi-asset powerhouse. We take a deep dive into SGX’s history and also see what the future has in store for investors.


Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX: S68), or SGX, is Singapore’s sole stock exchange operator. The group provides and operates a platform for investors to buy and sell securities such as fixed income, equities, derivatives and foreign exchange. SGX also provides listing, trading, clearing, settlement and data services and offers both commodities and currency derivative products.

Being the only stock exchange in Singapore, SGX enjoys a natural monopoly.

However, investors who are looking for a “sure-win” investment need to be wary of this fact, as SGX actually competes with other stock exchanges regionally and globally. With Singapore being a small country, it’s tough to attract fund flows from larger funds and institutions, but good governance and a professional management team have managed to enable the exchange to grow steadily over the years.