In the last 2 weeks, my department’s Business Continuity Planning (BCP) was activated because of the virus situation. My team was given the option to work from home if we wanted to. But both my manager and I didn’t take it up. He has a kid that’s 2 years old and mine’s 3.5 months old. His wife is a full-time homemaker with no helper while mine is on maternity leave with a helper.

As part of an advisory team, I have the option to work from home since I can provide my advice from anywhere. But I just find it more effective for me to work in the office. It’s easier for me to meet up with my stakeholders in person and even to call them to discuss issues. My manager feels the same way and that’s why we have continued to go into the office.

Flexible work arrangements are good to have but both of us are focused on working towards our respective promotions and pay raises.