I attended the IPPT preparatory Training (IPT) today at Khatib Camp.

I will be paid more than $20 by SAF for 1 hour of exercise.

IPT and IPPT sessions are suspended in Feb in view of the worsening coronavirus situation. I am happy that I can get paid to exercise again.

As a Singaporean son, besides serving 2 years of National Service, one has still got to serve 7 rounds of high key In-Camp Training as an NSman before completion of all NS liabilities.

As many does not know, besides the IPPT monetary awards for passing or excelling in the fitness test. Nowadays all sessions of remedial trainings (RT), 3 sessions of IPPT and IPT sessions are paid with allowances based on the NSman’s military rank. It is no longer a punishment or a waste of time to go RT if we reframe our mindsets.

The only downside is that National Service allowance is taxable.