NTUC Capital Plus is a very popular short-term single premium savings plan in Singapore with Guaranteed interest. The insurer NTUC INCOME has just launched a new tranche CSN4 with a 2.13% yield.

What is NTUC Capital Plus

NTUC Capital Plus is for people who want to save for short term but prefer a higher interest than the fixed deposit. The key features are:

Short 3-year single premium endowment plan. Non-participating – meaning no bonus, all returns are guaranteed. Guaranteed maturity yield of 2.13% per annum. Guaranteed acceptance regardless of your health condition.

This plan can be purchased using either Cash or Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) fund. The minimum investment is $20,000.

The return is higher than the rate offered by Singapore Savings Bond.

At the end of the policy term, the policy will pay the guaranteed maturity benefit of 106.53% of your single premium.

This plan provides protection against