As the coronavirus pandemic continues its rapid spread globally and in Singapore, a growing number of governments–including Italy, Spain, Philippines, and Malaysia–have imposed lockdowns like the ones first introduced in Wuhan. Given that Singapore relies heavily on imported food, with about 90% of its food needs coming from overseas, it’s understandable if you’re concerned about the associated economic impact of the virus, alongside disruptions to supplies of food and essential items. Paired with the possibility that you might need to either self-isolate or quarantine yourself, should you stock up now? Below, we examine the benefits and drawbacks of stocking up, as well as tips to keep in mind in these uncertain times.

Have Enough Necessities for 14 Days of Quarantine

Should there be a stay-home-notice (SHN) issued–or you choose to impose a quarantine on you and your family–it may last up to 14 days (perhaps more). In fact, all