How Will The Resilience Budget 2020 Help Self-Employed Persons (SEPs) and Freelancers

If you have yet to catch up with the Resilience Budget 2020 to help Singaporeans cope with the impact of COVID-19 Coronavirus, we got your back!

We created a summary of Resilience Budget 2020 for our readers.

Personally, a lot of close friends around me are either self-employed or what we call freelancers, which is why I have a first-hand experience of the hardship that they are going through.

What Does It Mean To Be a Self-Employed Person (SEP) or Freelancer?

For all my friends out there who are slightly confused about what it means to be self-employed or freelancers, we urge you to be patient as await more information on the requirements and criteria.

Examples of Self-Employed Person/ Freelancers

If we were to peg the criteria of Self-Employed Person (SEP) to that