COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard. 11 March 2019, WHO declared it to be a pandemic, WHO estimates that at least 410,000 around the world were infected.

The world not only reacted with tumbling stock markets, social distancing, blocking of tourist and the fear of the pandemic drove many industries to the brink.

It contracts our economy by 2.2% in Q1, airlines, hotels and tourism venues made losses with little tourist to support the economy.

Events and entertainment venues were also made to shut down 26 March 2020 onwards, as an attempt to contain this enemy of humanity.

With many Singaporeans livelihood on the line, here’s a summary of some of the initiative by the government to address the issue.

Economists estimate that the size of the second stimulus package could fall between S$14 billion and S$33 billion.

If true, this budget will incur