Ideas on Economy, Credit & Policy

0. Raison detre:

I was talking to my boss earlier and realised that in the 2008 GFC, I was 15 — in Secondary 3 (lol). I had not studied economics yet. This will be the first recession I face as a working adult.

Some friends were retrenched — fresh out of school less than 3 years. Fears escalate in this time of pandemic. Should we be worried when options run out? Like Rudolf Abel in the movie Bridge of Spies, I say “Would it help?”

With that, I talk more about actionables, and some thoughts for a playbook for the recovery into a new decade bull run.

These are my takeaways — a culmination of conversations over the dinner table, coffee discussions and meetings with friends and fellow investors.

1. Economy Context/ Current State of Economy Distinguishing Covid-19 with GFC-08 and SARS,