Tossed in a dazed by the huge stimulus packages by various govt makes me wonder if market recovery would take place now or later?

One thing i know for sure, unlimited printing (QE) will never last, but the point is never to disprove/argue the choice of monetary policy policymakers set, it is to understand how it will impact the market.

Drawdown that happen in STI:

AFC (Asian Financial): 63% DCC (Dot com): 53.55% GFC (Great Financial): 63%

Current market drawdown has only bottom at 39% of prior structure high, so don’t be fool by the people around you by saying how good such “buybacks” are and how it will prevent market from crashing further. To me, history paints a bigger picture than anything.

Anyway, end of the day I might just be wrong too, but I think if you’re struggling like me with all these news, just look at