I previously wrote about the SIA Retail bonds in my last article.

While I was not keen on them, I wrote the following:

Let’s not forget who the largest shareholder of SIA is – Temasek Holdings.

SIA is of huge strategic importance to Singapore given that it’s our national airline carrier that in my opinion will not be allowed to fail especially given the exceptional circumstances of events.”

Last night, DPM Heng Swee Keat made the following comments in his budget speech:

The Deputy Prime Minister said the airline was a “strategic asset” for Singapore. 

“Through the Government support for the aviation sector and, if necessary, more direct support measures, we will make sure that SIA is able to come through this in good shape,” he said, 

“Ultimately this is about preserving the status of our air hub so that it can emerge stronger from this crisis.”

His comments are quite a huge gamechanger in that they have made clear that that support will be given